Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mer and christina :)

'enjoy having ur premarital life together ye
enjoy this long two person only life, because i bet its going to be a long one
because i guess u can only go out on a double date with me
but i'm not sure that going to be possible any sooner because i like having to enjoy my solo life right now
and if i ever get attach with any guys
unlike u two's relationship, i bet we are very open to let other seeing any other people, and we don't get insecure all the time'

this is when nina become meredith .. thnx sis for ur support

Monday, July 27, 2009

kak yasmin..

may god bless her..
insyallah allahyarhamah will be peace in there.
dear kak yasmin i really love your artworks..
n i hope i will be creative as u are ...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

asam garam hidup

Padan muke dgn ko ieka. sape suruh menyebok ..kan dah makan hati
neways thts life ..u done wrong things and u'll will get balasannye :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

a single agreement

When it comes to discussion time, we always have an idea or suggestion that hangs around in our mind and yet it still remained there, can’t be voice out as we are scared. We scared of rejection, to be stare at, scared if our ideas are not relevant and there are lots of other things to be scared off.
But the real thing is we feel scared because we are expecting positive responses from them and we’ll never know how they would react.
That is the issue: We want an agreement among others.
But the irony is we didn’t realized, a single agreement is not easy to be achieved. It is not like when we say something, everyone going to agree with us.

This situation happens to me all the time and I realized it last Saturday when I have to go to “starting school”. It is a program under UPM and all of us have to go in order to grad! Hehehe. So, this starting school is like a seminar conducted by 1 instructor and the main purpose of this seminar is: they want student able to speak out what they feel and be more confident.

So, we were all having our own group and most of the activities will be done by grouping presentation. We got one task to handle. A task to define status of relationship and we have to present it. We divide the work and I’ve got mine. I have to define what “org asing” is. Then I gave my opinion what is actually “orang asing” and suddenly someone is objecting me.

I said “orang asing adlah orang yang kita x kenal and kite x peduli pon. Contohnya kalo kita kat dalam lrt , x kan la tibe2 kita ckp hye , ape khabar.” Then later on, one girl from another group proposed their opinion showing that they are disagreeing. “ x mustahil orang asing kita x ambil peduli” . I keep repeating ‘LRT situation’ as it was my greatest point to support my stand. So I gave them chance to say what they think and I still not buying it.

For me I live almost all my life in KL and I always see people staring at the ceiling, at the floor or even staring at their blank phone even though there is no message sending to them, just to fill their time until they reached their destination. They won’t talk unless someone approaching them and it is true. I was one of them. Our instructor is in mid 50 , gave his opinion and yet it still not in the same line with me. He said that all of us are sombong and ego .He literally point out to us, teenagers. “ zaman dulu , sume org betegur sape, itu yang bagus zaman dahulu”

This discussion went on until I x larat nak stand up for what I think. Then I made my own conclusion: we can’t force someone to agree with us because everyone has their own perspective and everyone has different background. So we have to bear it, respect them but deep inside yourself put your own faith and build your own integrity!

Ps : x sangka aku tulis pnjg2 ni . sbb x leh tdo.
btw pic tuh sume kwn2 bru aku yg kenal kat upm. love to have them. :)