Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mekong Trip Day 1 and 2

As I promised you guys, I will be posting about my Mekong journey expeditions. This is my first entry for this post and currently, I’m in a car on journey for our second destination Chaam which is 200 kilometers from Bangkok. There would be lot of pictures and also some info about our expeditions, so enjoy while reading this blog.

22 November 2009
1.00pm- All convoys gathered at my kampong in Taping for our lunch. Maktok have prepared lunch for us and it was really tasty. Menu for today are kari puyuh , kari daging, kerang rebus, ikan cencaru goreng, and sambal belacan( benda wajib). Huhuhuhu.

2.45pm- After we had our prayer, we depart from Taiping and papa (En. Ghazi) as convoy leader followed by Uncle Dahlan , Uncle Hassan and Uncle Ali. Uncle Rashid will be joining us in Hatyai for the next morning. Our next destination is Hatyai which is 256 kilometer from Taiping. All cars were equipped with GPS and also wireless mobile radio to make our journey become easier.

6.00 pm- We arrived at Sadao Immigration, Thailand and all driver and passengers need to settle up their passport clearance.

7.30 pm- About 200 km from Sadao is Hatyai and we’re staying at New Season hotel. After we check in, we rushed down to Hamid Restaurant for makan!!

8.30 pm- After makan , it is time for me to shop, I drag along Kak Natrah , my hotelroomate to my favourite spot for shopping that is Lee Garden Complex . It is similar to Sg.Wang for me  because I could get cute shoes, bangles, watches and vintage handbags at there at the lowest price. One shoes’s brand that I really love to buy at there is ‘Belongse’ and the shoes price starting with 199 baht which is RM 19.90. Kak Natrah had bought cute chocolate which have alphabet initial on it for her siblings.

This is cute chocolate with name on it. Ten baht each.

10.00pm- After that we were all lepak at our favorite stall for nasi lemak and ‘teh dangdut’. We called it teh dangdut as it can make movement as we stir it. The tea taste like our own the tarik la. Im having roti pisang and pulut manga. While, auntie ani having pulut durian.

tarik bang!! jgn x tarik..

pulut mangga with santan

roti pisang owhh my fav!

this is tea dangdut!! kak nat with me

11.30 pm- we head back to our hotel and dozed off to sleep as we will be having long journey the next day.

23 November 2009

gambor for second day!! hohoo capub jap

6am- Wake up early morning , get ready for breakfast. It was so cold that morning as rain did never stop from last night. My dad told me , it had been a week since rain started . After that Kak Natrah and I waited for our parents at the hotel lobby.

8.00 am- Breakfast

9.12 am - We started rolling from Hatyai to Chaam which we have another 780 km to go. After few minutes exit to Pathalung highway, we were all stunned by a huge flood over there. I could see ,kids were swimming and houses were flooded by water. The water level is like 4 feet tall and our tires had sunk a bit. We decided to cross the road as our journey had long way to go. My father car were behind lorry’s back and we were lucky as lorry helped us a lot waded through the water.

On the radio , Uncle Hassan informed us that water slowly filling in his car. Basah carpet. At that moment , all of us scared if we will get stranded and enjin would mati. My mum recite any prayer that could give us any strength and i was recording the whole situation there.

Finally , after ten minutes waded through the water , we were all safe and stop at the roadside , waiting for uncle Rashid to come over from Changlun. We were all hope the best for him to get here.

siyes cuak gile time nihh

10.00 pm- After hours driving , we made it to our destination , Chaam. Our hotel is Golden Beach Hotel. Chaam is a beach town and popular among tourist. We arrived a lil bit late and went of to sleep.

mama n papa

kak nat with her mocha iced!

wait for another post guys ..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

semester breaks

I was eager to end up my first semester so that i could get a temporary job during my semester break.I really need money for my shopping severe hahaha :)) dugh!!

But My wish were just flew away when my dad told me that i would be follow him on a trip.

As usual, every year my father would organize an 4x4 expedition trip (MEKONG EXPEDITION 3) to south east Asian countries and for this year i will be away for 17 days to four countries : Thailand , Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos.

My favorite 2 places that i used to go is in Laos that is Xiang Huang and Champasak. The weather was so cold and romantic. huhuhu

I really love that place until i decided they are my honeymoon destination. berangan kene lebeh ..but

Tomorrow i will depart from kl and the bored doom will start to spreads all over by body and mind. hohoh x tau nak buat ape dlm kereta. :)

I plan to read the twilight saga and also to finish up how i meet your mother series .hhohoho hope the plan will not make me bored.

So , i will be posting up, lots of pictures from the expedition to my other post.

see ya later ...

abgku seorg musang

I've always have a fight with my brother whenever I came back home. He's in the late twenties but he is childish in certain ways .

I mean Who would pick his nose and come after you , just to scare you off?

or Who would spend almost 24 hours of their time just to play games ?

and he is such a pain in the ass for me ( jgn mara bgboy) like :

He would literally called up my name just to make me angry and yes he called me gemuk.The latest nickname were given to me is beruang! and i would called him back musang!

Oh my god !
I dunno where does he get the idea. I was so mad at first, when i heard him called me up beruang. But after hearing it like everydays, I'll get used to it.

I always thought that he's kind of a brother that didn't care anything else other than his pancing or games but one thing i really wronged about him. He do cares bout us (family).

One night i was begging for him to blanje me hohoho :)
mestilah kene pau

Even though i know the answer is boleh blah but ape salahnye x rugi pown.

And at the time i really need money to buy new shoes for annual dinner held by UPM.

ieka :"boy aku x de kasut boy , belanje la aku ..." (smbil mengacau die tgh tgk tv)

bgboy: " tepilah muk aku tgk tv ni ( smbil mencubit aku)

ieka: " ala boy .. ( sambil membalas cubitan perit dri bgboy) bleh aaa aku x berpendapatan lagi" "ko ade dah"

bgboy: hahaha sakit la muk (bls membalas cubit) "berpendapatan? hahha gaji aku pon da habis" "ko pki je kasut dulu "

ieka : "ala boy bleh aa bleh aa " ( sambil memberi cubitan dan pukulan yg amat hebat kepada bgboy sbgi acara penutup ) "hoohohoho hahahhaa aku pown gelak x tahan smbil melarikan diri.

and the next morning

I was stunned to found a hand written envelope at the table.
When i looked through it , one hundreds ringgit were inside it.

It is my lucky day and I would never expected i would get the money because i really didn't mean it that night.

Even i didn't really mean it , but bgboy surely cares.

Who would expect , a guy like him would have a sensitive inner part.

I know I would miss him a lot if we were far apart. Like I missed my sister far away in Japan.

And that's the reason why i am afraid for him to get married. Hurm bile la ari tuh akan dtg?? I know that I would be crying myself out on that day hhhoohoho.

Btw love you bro n the rest of family (harap2 die x penah masuk blog ni) hoohoo

the envelope which make my day !!
thnx alan awad n wana for the cute posed !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

guy problem...

i hate this kind of situation:
when a guy treat you so well , and be nice with you , we would always know why he is acting like that. simple as it seems... well the guy likes us.
But what would you do when they are no more than just a normal friends to u and in the meantime we don't want to hurt them by telling the truth?
the options on ours :tell the truth or to shut up?
truth is bearable, we might lose them as friends and if we are still friends , is not going to be an easy journey for us.
another way is to shut up . The guilt inside ourselves would be dreading more and more and he would do anything for us. But the question is , are we able to carry on the guilt through our lives?

for me : telling the truth would be a noble thing. but what am i supposed to do , when telling the truth would not make any changes for us and i am stuck.

i love this pic taken by my sista. I look so happy in my own world with the balloons.
yet i wish life would be easy like that. :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

italiano morepos!!

What would u guys do , when u are bored and there is nothing else that you could do ?
whenever i was bored , i would always think about food. and to make myself satisfied i loved to filled my free time with cooking. yups cooking plus baking and eating. lol

food always makes people happy, and so do i. heheh. no wonder la my family would called me muk. ape-ape la janji it would make me happy.

so ,i decided to bake a lasagna. walaweh italiano !
i drag along wana to help me as she have a sleepover in my house! uhuhu
n here it is my lasagna!!

save urself if u have the temptation over my lasagna! lol
it looks yummy right??

i know pictures could be so decieving , but trust me it is really tasty. with those cheddar cheese melting over the meat sauce. yet it mixed together very well. umph !

Friday, November 6, 2009

talk about disappointment

perasaan plg aku x suka : menghampakan ibu-bapa.

kenapa la bende ni jadi pada diri aku. :(

i know this is life. not always great as what we want. worst it would never reach our own expectations. just need to deal with it. Dear god , please toughen me up to get through all of these.

Monday, November 2, 2009

kwn part 1

This is all my new family in UPM . all my fren turned out to be poser so susah la ieka nak ade depan kamera skrg ni ish2 ...ieka la plak blkg camera...no matter whut they are all best sgt ...

this one is Zahirah (ZAZA) die dgt chntek and she is full of personality. she seems so quiet but act deep inside herself die x sbr nak kuar tv ..hehhe kite doa la kat die.

this one is kak fiza. tgk die je ..we can see KOREA N JAPAN... x yah gi jauh2 dah. her obsession is only for kattun n akane *&%##%#@# ape tah . but die sgt la baik kalo minx lagu bigbang je mesti die bagi huhuuhu

and this one is my luvly bestfren . wana. so cantik... sgt baik sgt kreatif...n sgt baran ...huhuuhu i know u well dear ...but no matter whut i still luv u babe !! btw she's from labuan jauhkan ..sian die ..

and to rest of my fren ...sabar yek gambar korunk dlm proses ...actually. penat nak korek2 gmbr yg mane potential jadi potrait ... so there would be another parts..just wait for it okeh ...so later ..bubbye and enjoy the pics

hangen satu badan!!

what a day .. aku punya la excited nak tgk meatballs..
and it turned out my day mcm tut!!!tut!!! aku benci gsc MID VALLEY.
aku ni da la ..yeye pas exam nak gi tgk last2 skali ..
sound system die mcm ci*** kejap ade kejap xde ..
aku byr 17 hengget kowt ... 3d lak tuh ...
awl2 cite dah buat aku hangen !!! aghhhh tensyen gile..
hati terase nak bg pelempang jek...
then...nsib baik aku ni penuh kesabaran
pastu ade la insan yg baik hati wat komplen ..dpt la kitrg tgk dgn sng hati wlpon susah pada permulaan nye..
citenye amatla ceronok sehinggakan aku teringin nak mkn pancake mcd (nasib baik mum granted my wish)
tapi ape yg buat aku hangen lagi!! ...
aku nye hp kene kebas oleh insan yg x bertanggungjawab ..
arghhh i know its my fault tercicir tpi nak bwt cmne aku terlupe
but come on!!! bru je like 5 minutes aku realized then hp tuh dah hilang ...
aku siap tanye agi kat cleaner tuh aishhh buat2 muke x bersalah ..
aku kol hp aku mule2 dpt then x angkat ..
second time kol...aihh dah tutup siot je ...aku tensyennn...
aku tau ade org kebas nye bukan hilang ....
konpem nyee....dah la ..staff 2 dorg tolong cover msing2 ..
dorg ckp mungkin customer lain amik...
x mungkin nye ..sbb aku fara n wana perasan ade dua org cine je kat blkg kitrg ..
n dorg pon kuar skali ngn kitrg ..
x mungkin dorg amik...x mungkin ....
and my day end with tears ..huh berkecamuk hati aku
but thnx to fara , benny , wana, sob n kak dil for making my day ..cuz we have fun that day!!! and no matter what that day aku nmpk kegarangan fara( hebat gile die mara staff gsc) respect u n love u lah!!!

muke aku yg senang hati nak tgk meatball pada awalnya!!!