Thursday, March 4, 2010

a merry go round ride

Often I’m having a syndrome. A syndrome didn’t make any harm to me or others. But it is just sense of content in me. I love to have that syndrome even though I was flying in the air, smiling alone, no one is there to bother me and in the end it is just a dream.


I was walking with my friends and suddenly, I stopped and they were all looking at me. I was smiling alone and ‘pop’ me already in Europe or somewhere in a region which have DISNEYLAND. HAHAHAHAA

I’m having an image which in the right hand I’m having a cotton candy and the left hand I was hugging a pole. Merry go round pole and with a big smile I’m having the greatest day of my life. Funny kan?

My friends; they were all wonder why I am standing still and grinning all by myself. Yet I just keep it to myself because it is nice to have that syndrome just all by my own. :)

So when you are beside me, then you will know when ieka is having that kind of syndrome. lol

ps: to find my own marshall it is not hard as it seem but it is all back to myself. to open or to close it up. im still thinking. :)