Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To be more better for our new year :)

A New Year Eve’s ~ just few hours to 2010

Gosh time really gone fast. Once second I was a high school kid and now I am a college student. Argh , cepatnye!

Hurm, I wonder what has been happening in my life for a year in 2009.
Lets us see ~

1) My matriculation grades are not so great and can’t be proud off and I just changed my whole education plan, by choosing mass communication rather than engineering. ( membuatkan semua org pening dgn pilihan aku especially my dad)

2)I was officially called by my mum miss hilang barang as I’ve lost so many things throughout one year. Nokia hand phone, motorolla battery charger, my meal plan card worth about RM 100 and recently golden ring that were given by my mum. (Dear mommy hope you didn’t know about this)

What more?

3) And yes ! The most sad and depressing story ever. I didn’t get my driving license yet! Yet it means that I will get it one day insyallah. Hohohoho :)

4) I meet many artists on this year especially to be mentioned here is I meet Fahrin Ahmad in 2009! I LOVE him! And not to be mentioned is Awal Shaari , tidak berbangge pown jumpe die.sorry nina

5) Even though I am a klutz like always losing stuff. But one thing that I can be proud at is I took my brother challenges to go Japan on my own. I took his dare and I travel there by myself hehehe practically not all alone actually, my sister study there. But I have to survive on my own in Haneda Airport.

6) In 2009 also , I have to say goodbye to the one person , the one that the most precious Nurazfalina Azura binti Abdul Aziz . hhoohoo aiyo! Makcik miss you laa! Really syg u!

7) In June 2009, I have met fabulous person in UPM. They are all my syg kak dyl , wanah , fara , Bennie , and Sob. You guys really rock my world. And indeed x lupe jugak all my friends that been all along with me. Thank you Alan , Faten ,Amir , Aswad , Tkay and many more.

And lastly ,

8) I was a food lover and I think my cooking skills are getting better and better. Wish in 2010 I will become an expert like my mum . :)

I making this list cuz I know my 2009 going to be end and I was hoping my 2010 will become better and better.

Like my lecturer have said: tomorrow is better than today. And today is better than yesterday.

So Lets us all pray that 2010 will be much more better for us.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


ari ni aku sedih .

sllunye i will not posted up blog pasal feeling2 nih . but x tahu kenape
nak lepas sedih kat sini.

monolog dlmn aku :

"aku sedar sape dri aku ni x seberape."
"tpi jaga la hati perasaan aku yg kecik nih. "
" jgn smpi buat aku benci seseorg."
"aku ngaku aku mmg snsitif."
"jadi jagalah mulut ko supaya aku xkan benci ko."

argh benci !

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy birthday to me :)

I am nineteen officially tomorrow but that didn't make me feel glad .Hurm i wonder why? A birthday? sigh xD hahaah

I mean that doesn't even make any difference. It is like adding one year to your age and you didn't even realized that you are getting older and older.Hurm A birthday? sigh xD

Supposedly , there should be one big smile on my faces but instead of smiling I am brooding over something that i do not know and I can't think logically what is wrong with myself. It is like I'm confused over nothing. haha Hurm sigh xD

Was it is all about? aging process? expectations? or it is about freaking attentions ? ah I don't know or maybe it is about my examination result would be coming out at the exactly the same date of my birthday date? LOL

Reality is...

Deep inside myself i always know , it is a normal feeling to be some kind of crazy person wondering all alone what is wrong of yourself when your birthday is around.

Maybe it is normal for everyone? ahaha

Maybe everyone are having the same phase likes me ,i mean confused over nothing just because it is a birthday. hhohooho

But what the heck ? I am thinking OVER this stuff , it doesn't even matter ! Because the day of my birthday , it would be totally rewarding just to get a single birthday wish from the person that I loved.

That is how birthday works out. Simple as it seems.

Birthday is the day we are being appreciated by people who loves us and around us.

The day that we should be happy because everyone are happy for us and yet we all should be grateful for having chances to know that these people loves us and cares for us.

and we should be thank you Allah for that. and really grateful for that.

p/s: last few years at my adolescent years i always done a birthday wishes list just to check who does remember my birthday.. silly as it seems. but now it doesn't even matter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mekong Trip Day 3 , 4 and 5

24th November 2009

6.00 am- Wake up as usual and prepared ourselves for breakfast.

7.00 am- Breakfast at the hotel. As usual our only menu is bread with jam and orange juice. Itu je yang halal to eat.

8.30 am- After I had breakfast, kak nat and I walk along the beachside just to fill up our time. In Chaam , they only focused on tourism as I could see lot of mat saleh all around Chaam. The beach was so beautiful, clean and I could feel the sea breeze and yet it does make me calm. After 5 minutes done some photography, my father called me up for group photo session.

This is Chaam!

mama n papa.

along the road in chaam , locals sells arts stuff made by shell

luvly couplee !

9.28 am- We depart from Chaam to our next destination that is Chanthaburi. The distance is about 404 kilometer ahead. Uncle Dahlan, did not join us in the convoy, because he will be picking up uncle Hamid at the Survanabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

On our way to Chanthaburi , we passed through Bangkok City , which is capital city of Thailand . I loved Bangkok as it reminded me to KL , but their traffic are worst especially on the morning and evening.

Plus, their highway are so memeningkan and terlampau banyak. We were all worried how are we going to escaped from Bangkok highway. Right now we are heading to Chanthaburi and we need to find the nearest town next to Chanthaburi.
There are many signboards and road aheads, we have to decide which road should we take.

Nasib baik, we found a pattaya-chonburi signboard which are heading to Chanthaburi the right directions. Or not, we will pusing around the whole Bangkok.
3.30 pm- Finally we , arrived at Chanthaburi as planned. Check in for the hotel, New Travel Lodge hotel and have a rest.

5.30pm- We went on to see Gems Market in the town as it is their specialities. Unfortunately, their working hours are only till 5.00pm and on weekends. But Uncle Rashid just went on knocked one door of the shops and they are willing to open up. Boleh la dapat la tengok gems cntik2 , but it does suited to their prices. It could take up till thousands ringgit. Mahal la , x mampu just tgk je.
After dinner , we directly went off to sleep. As the hotel have wifi I could online till 2 am. Then x larat , terus tido.

25th November 2009

6.00 am- Wake up early in the morning and get ready for breakfast.

7.00am – Breakfast

8.00am- Convoys meeting and briefing by Uncle Hamid.

9.18am- The last day we stayed in Thailand, because we will be entering Cambodia by Khong Yai Border . It is about 150 kilometres from Chathaburi and there would be Cambodian tour agent waiting for us.

11.15 pm- We already arrived at the border and need to settle up passports and others. There is one Cambodian kid looks like almost 9 years old approaching us and talk to us. It looks like he is one of Cambodian Immigration workers. He was the one who show us, where we supposed settle up our passport and also car insurance. I am impressed when I look at that kid. He can speak in English very fluent and also very berani.

1.00 pm- After we had settled up our immigration process, we meet up with our tour agent that is Mr.Pisai. He will be showing us around Cambodia. Cambodia is not totally developed like Malaysia. Not all of their roads are well built. There are still jalan tanah merah and there are lots of batu2 on the road. Rumah-rumah kat sini banyak rumah kampong and sangat la daif. To be compared with Malaysia, there are huge gaps between them. I am so grateful for being Malaysian and I know that our ministry have done a lot for our country especially on dasar-dasar ekonomi yang banyak merapatkan jurang antara miskin dan kaya. ( hebat kowt sej)

Cambodia get their independence on 1953 which is 4 years early than Malaysia but because of the Khmer Rouge ruling and Pol Pot actions, the destruction in Cambodia can’t be repaired immediately. In Cambodia , yg kaya mmg la sgt kaya , bawak Lexus and Rexton but for miskin sgtlah miskin. Kids running around and walking without slippers, semua rumah hanya pakai kayu and atap zink.

The surrounding mmglah sangat kesian but our hotel didn’t reflected the surrounding. We stayed in Koh Kong Resort Hotel. It look so beautiful and it looks like a big mansion up hill in Italy . It doesn’t show the real Cambodia. It looks so luxurious with the architecture and the design.

Plus , there was beach along the hotel.

Our lunch were sponsored by ustaz perkampungan islam in Cambodia. After lunch , mama papa , kak nat and I jalan-jalan along the beach. We found out that our hotel have casino and also duty free. Sebenarnya hati ku teringin nak masuk casino just nak tgk je . Does it the same like in tv’s? hohoho then I ask my dad permission and he warned me jgn cube sekali pon. Hohoho Kat Malaysia x bleh masuk hooho so I grab this opportunity , hooho dapatlah tgk game die , roulette , black jack , jack pot … Tapi die x bgi tangkap gmbr tuh yg rugi. But whatever it is I know it is so membazir (sgt2).

7.15 pm- That night , we had dinner at perkampungan orang islam at Koh Kong. They welcomed us with their warmth smile. I feel comfortable being there. Our menu is : udang rebus , ikan goreng , sayur udang and also their special homemade sauce(sgt sedap / chengen)
Chengen: sdp in Cambodia

26th November 2009

6.00 am- Wake up

7.00 am- Breakfast

8.00 am- Group meeting/ briefing by Mr. Pisai , our tour guide in Cambodia and also uncle Hamid. Mr Pisai told us short briefs about Cambodia.
9.00 am- We depart to Sihanoukville , also beach town in Cambodia. It is about 400 km from Koh Kong. Mr Pisai is coming with us and we were also escorted by police for our own security.Before we check in into the hotel, we visited another perkampungan orang islam di Sihanoukville. Kompong Ochrov , Prav Nup , Kompong Som Cambodia is the place where we want to do the qurban.

1.30 pm- We arrived at the Kampong and we had our lunch at there. The dishes were prepared by women while the male serve us the food. The menu : sayur cili bodo with meat , daging goreng , sup daging and also spicy sauce so yummy. We had our zohor n asar prayer at there .

4.30 pm- We already arrived at Sihanouk Ville and we went on city tour. First stop , Mr. Pisai brought us to their famous port but I can’t hardly remember the name of the port because it looks the same like the one we have uhuhu port klang. And then , he brought us to perkampungan nelayan and Uncle Rashid and Uncle Ali belanja we all fresh crab and udang for our dinner nnti.
After that , we went straight to our hotel , Golden Sand Hotel.

6.45 pm- After maghrib prayer , we all went on for our seafood dinner. There are lots lots of crabs and udang also big snapper fish. I couldn’t take pictures of the dinner as my hand already digging on the food. But trusted me it is really good. the fish sauce kick ass tuh !! We were all full and enjoyed our food!
After that we went back to our hotel for sleep!