Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where is our mama?

It going to be a long journey for mama n papa to get back home and how could we resist 4 months without them . :( I guess we were all like that bear in the cage clueless in finding their mommy!

Mama and papa already took off to Africa , so we were all living independently together. Funny how my elder brother (Ayip) just message me and said that he already arrived at JB. It's like I'm Mama after all , who should received all the reports. :)lallalala and Abang Boy msg me to get back home just to do house chores ! (haih)
Well I supposed so .. (Kak Narti yang buat kerje )

After mama n papa not here , all of us had done our job perfectly good. wink ;)
Well , I'm lying for sure but what can I say that there are dirty dishes at the sink , whole lot of laundry to be done , and yes our breakfast , lunch and dinner are all 3-in-1 which is PIZZA! hahaha I bet the pizza guy already know the house which didn't cook.

But what can we do , our parents are not here for time being and we try our best not to miss them and if you guys could see how the condition of the house you would know how much we miss them! Lol

To Nina: this is the pictures at the airport



Abang boy (tulis autograph untuk mama- mama nye request)

We miss both of you - Papa & Mama

We miss Nina too !!

Papa and Mama - one last goodbye at the airport

Anyway , have fun mama n papa. We were all wishes you the best in your vacation . Hope that this trip would be like your honeymoon!

P/s: Nini joke around and said to mama " Nini x nak ade adik lagi ye..." and we were all laugh about it.

~"Bila susah dan senang tiada siapa lagi yang perlu kita cari melainkan keluarga yang setia bersama-sama dengan kita"~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peter Gene Hernandez in Kl !

Obviously im super excited to post up my blog because I just went to BRUNO MARS concert in PWTC and it is very extremely tremendously GREAT! I had so much fun with my friends. So here it is all about HIM my lover ! hahah Baby Bruno! love you so much cuz You are so damn sexy! hahaha

Me and friends after the concert

tony,ard,ninie,amer rekano , me and ajeed (wak)

and here it is pictures of him

Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez !

fyi: Bruno mars said that he will be coming back to Malaysia and I know that he will.Yaiks Im so super duper excited!