Friday, May 27, 2011

Amour te amour

We're drifting apart ,
I dunno what should more to be said ,
I hate that I loved you so much ,
I hate the fact that it makes me cry every time think of it,
Ika , You are not hard as what you think ,
the solid wall is getting collapsed,
Not literally all collapsed ,
but it slowly , take times ,
times and times , gradually it will collapsed
and shattered all the hopes that have you've been creating
hopes that keeps u on smiling ,
gasping or excited for the brand new day ,
it is long gone dear , all long gone ,
because you are no who you are ,
you've be someone else for the sake of hope that you've been smiling at,
silly isn't it,
but that's happening when you are ,
so blunt in what does people say AMOUR.
AMOUR thats not really heaven.

p/s: I feel like wanna leave so badly ... please make it quick. I know this is just some unstable emotions running through myself. sorry it is a thing to let it out but i do heart you!always be amour you

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the answer

"Why she is so genius?"
" what makes she is so special? why all the teacher love her? "
" why she always be the first and top student? "
" why can't I be like her?"


i bet all of you ever popped this question with your friends?
or some of you like jealous of her and you all rather criticized her than agree with what does she have?

when i was in lower school I always have this question over my mind because I am not a bright student and I am not preety either. Durgh that's mean there is nothing special bout me.
I always envy to those beautiful girl who have gifted talent like they can dance , sing and also excel with her study. But for me , i am a girl that isn't really a favourite of anyone. Can you believed ,all the girls are playing batu seremban while me and other boys are drawing digimon cartoon by using buku latihan. Or i always beat them when playing tutup botol and the worst thing is there is one chinese boy who are scared of me because I used to slap him in the face. Tulah sape suruh bace diari org suke suka je. LOL Funny isn't ?

I lived and learned from the school memories that i had and from there i realised that we are all different in our own perfect way.

In lower school -I may not be a school dancer but I am a school runner. even though not as good as my sister but i am preety proud to lived with it.
In middle school Cochrane- I may not be Top PMR but I had a great experienced of being English debater and I don't know how Miss Goh put her faith on me ?
In MRSM - I am not the most bright student who always get above 3.5 but im proudly to say I am a basketball player for the school. (walaupun main hanya smpi di jelebu je haha)
In matrix- yet again i didn't achieved a great cgpa for my physical studies but it didn't even make me sad because of that I found the new hope that lead me to UPM for my media studies.
I am really grateful for what have fated for me and I am really happy doing my study in UPM.
After what have I gone through , I believed the answer for my question above is


If we have a big amount of desire , we will make sure that we will put a big effort on it. That's called determination. So the size of your determination will determined your success and Insyallah with all those prayer, Allah will grant what you want in your life. So don't you ever give up because you will not know what really DETERMINATION is.

p/s: 66 days more for my adventures to begin! later on , i will tell you more on the adventures. wink wink :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The feelings that couldn't be described?

Q:What does you feel today?


Q:Why does you feel that way?

A:Because I will be leaving.

Q:For a good cause isn't ?

A:Yup :(

Q: Wouldn't it be great?

A:Yeah sure if like any body cares.

Q:Anybody? what do you mean that? are you referring to someone?

A:I guess so ? I bet someone who didn't even remember that I will be leaving soon.

Q:Why would that be?

A:I guess someone who didn't value the time that left.

Q: why would that be? would you share more?

A:I guess it is not worth it because i feel better right now!

Tq anyway , blogspot! That's why you are like super awesome cool friends to me when there are lots of emotions running through myself!
and yeah
the words for today is :

empty-Containing nothing; not holding or having anything within; void of contents or appropriate contents; not filled; said of an inclosure, as a box, room, house, etc.; as, an empty chest, room, purse, or pitcher; an empty stomach; empty shackles.

p/s: I need to filled up this emptiness real quick! would anyone filled it up? lol

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lovey dovey mood

Have you all watched romantic movies with a perfect tanned guy together with a lovely girl.There would always have one scene which will makes our hearts skipped a beat and all the girls will go like 'ooohhh' or 'ahhhh' .Maybe that guy put so much effort in making crafty handmade card for the girl , or he wrote a love letter for the girl or maybe the kind of guy who can sing for the girl that he loved. We are all wonder that if we were that lucky girl?

and tonight I feel so blissful because ,

I think

I am that lucky girl.

I feel so blessed and I can't hardly stop smiling.

Tq abg for making my night so special and memorable.

p/s :even though my story there is no such thing a tanned guy like penn bradley or a beautiful girl like katherine heighl. But at least I feel so content with what I have today . Tq Allah for giving me the best .I feel so grateful.

and this video are specially for you , that always make my day full of colours.I heart you so.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Need you to listen

Would you hear? Would you listen?
I guess not , you've changed so much.
How much I miss the time when you are able to listen ,
What's inside me without telling you anything.
God , how much I miss those time.
But I know it's matter of time for you to realized.
That I'm missing the old you.
The one that could listen.