Friday, July 16, 2010

tq n tq

tq for being beside me till now on.

tq for granting my wish to meet my mr.penguin.

tq for this self portrait pictures.

tq for this lovely day.

welcome back papa

It was 5 am in the morning , suddenly mama wake me up from my sleep. She was like " ika cepat la bangun nnty nak sampi pukul berapa?" And macam biasa I try my best to wake up from my bed tpi x dapat jugak nak bangun . And in distant i heard her voice waking up my sister n brother. It wasn't easy for us to wake up at this early hours and we were all like dragging our feet to the bathroom.

I was squinting my eye and I saw she was all dressed up with a lil bit of make up and perfume and she was ready to go. Usually , she didn't even bother to put her bedak pun and it is a funny moment because she was very eager to pick up my dad at the airport.She was like fussy semacam suruh kitrg bgun cepat2 pergi mandi and we were all like "relax ar ma". But we all know how excited she is nak smbut papa balik. dah rindu la kan.

We finally made it to the airport at 5.45 am and we waited anxiously for our dad. Eventhough we were all like yawning x habis2 and waited for about more than 15 minutes but it is doesn't matter when we saw our dad have arrived safely back home.
and one thing i know that my mum loved my dad very much and we were all missed him after one month being apart.

p/s: at this time ,we wEre all missed ayip n nina for not being here. Can't wait for raya to have family gathering.
btw papa is having his long , long, long sleep and he sleep like a whale. hahaha Love you papa.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


jaga hati org , tapi hati ni siapa nak jaga ?

penat la . boleh x ieka hilang sekejap.

perlukan tidur , nak hilangkan sakit tekak

sbb air mata dah penat mengalir.

perlukan mama , sbb tgk mama senyum jer dah rase gembira ,

walaupun hati ni dah rase mcm mcm.

Ya allah tabahkanlah hamba mu ini .