Sunday, September 25, 2011

Everyone are MadMen

I am an insecure , emotionally and neurotic person and how can someone accept me for the way i am? GILA ape?

Instead of thinking of myself gila , it makes me thinking why that person can accept orang gila macam saya? Or make that person more GILA than I am?

I dont know the answer for the questions , but for now I can lived with the fact that Orang Gila is you and people around you also GILA.

p/s: everyone had their limit of their madness and this day I realised I just reached my madness .

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple Saft Shooting

Sudah 8 minggu ika dekat Zurich and well done this is my first blog post pasal my life in Swiss. hehe I know i am not an avid blogger type as I can't write really well.
But yes , alhamdulillah dah hampir dua bulan ika menetap di Zurich. Berpuasa di sini memang sangat mencabar mana tak nya ramadhan jatuh di musin summer jawabnye panjang siang dri malam. Seventeen hours of fasting , its a long time and i could always hear my tummy growling. Baru tahu rasenya mcm mana anak-anak somalia ataupun fakir miskin x dpt makan. That moment make me realised the real thing of puasa.

Sangat bersyukur di sini , ika ade byk kenalan baru dan juga pengalaman yang sgt best. whatever it is , this is pictures from my second shooting. Apple saft which is persatuan apple di suisse. They are really proud of their tanaman la. so thts y they always market their stuff. The shooting is at Rapperswill which is the nice view of lake and it was directed by Cello. Ika just tolong jadi pak pacak je la. But i had a nice day with Fatma and also the crew.

Orang swiss , mmg makanan diorg is bread. So croissant ni one of their fav and also muesli - mixed up of bijiran dgn buah2.

As well , i am trying to learn german sikit sikit , tpi ika ni malas sket as they all can speak english. heheh . but i know a lil bit of words. The first week kat sini , i know how it feels to not be at your surrounding , your normal place . you are homesick back then and its hard to faced this phase. And alhamdulillah I am trying to , my friends and family back home give me lot of support and my mind should think the other way around and not always see what i dont have.

Tapi , ika kat sini baik2 aje . sebab semua orang baik sangat dengan ika. Ika rase ade family baru bila ika join Uncle Andre and his family for a dinner. They are so nice and kawan-kawan kat sini ade yang rahmah ade yang suke bantu. And yes ika ade jumpa orang malaysia kat sini , but not student malaysia . susah tau bukan mcm uk orang malaysia belambak. But ape-ape pun ika ade pengalaman seronok sekali bawak orang Malaysia berjalan2 di Zurich.

One thing ika suka sangat pasal swiss ni sbb pokok die!! hehe pokok die sangat bermacam2 bentuk dan sgt besar n tua. Ika suka sgt tempat yang sngat hargai nature kat sini orang die sngt hargai natural . Evrywhere is green , kamera ika banyak sangat gmbr pokok. heheh Scenery die sgt cntik :)

And yeah , sudah dua bulan yer ika disini . So harap dpt belajar byk 2 lagi harap dapat kumpul pengalaman yang mmg susah nak dpt ni. So i am good here. dun worry yer :)
And this is a lil bit pic from apple saft shooting. gmbr sket sbb nak upload byk agi kat fb. hehe and ika jadi extra so kene la stay satu tmpt je. x dpt tgkp gmbr sgt. heheh