Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Europe Trip (Manchester - Berlin)

Its been a while I didnt write my blog. It takes a lot of effort to post this story because i know i wouldnt do it if i went back home. Lol ! So here i am in the train on our way to vienna from prague writing on my europe trip. ok here it is , all my life i have been dreaming on since i was a kid to travel the whole world and europe is the continent that i want to explore. Allhamdulillah ive  dream big and Allah gave me the chance to study in oversea. Today is the third day of our exploration. We began from berlin which is our first destination. The reason Im posting this blog I know there people are always looking for information especially if they are travelling europe and with they intended to have the same journey path like we did. Its better i do in Q&A format because it would not make me merapu and goes on writing senseless. ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ

So first step :
1) How did you travel in Europe?
I am using Eurail travel pass with selected countries by train. The price is worth it less than 200 pound equivalent approximate RM 1000 Malaysia to 4 countries you choose by yourself.
The terms of the travel pass is you may travel 6 days in two months which means   kita boleh travel di dalam 4 negara yang dipilih dgn mengunakan train international di dalam tempoh dua bulan. 
So if contoh kita ade bapak sedara ker aunty ker duduk  munich berlin ker prague ker boleh la stay situ lama lama before sambung trip train ke tempat lain pulak. 

2) Which country did you choose?
We choosed Germany-Austria-Czech Republic - Italy 

This is the cities or places that we decided to stop. 


3)What is eurail ?
The company that offer train services in the europe. There are lots of train that connects between negara-negara di europe and eurail offer different type of passes specifically for travelers who want to travel to and fro in europe countries.
boleh pergi ke website die and findout pasal eurail.

i want to continue writing about my trip and information lain tetapi sudah drowsy and i really need sleep. will be writing again on the next train trip to munich. 
apa-apapun i will post some picture to describe the whole journey!

Our first day of journey Manchester to Berlin 

My traveling partners Dhiya and inas. anem who take the picture.
this is our flight from manchester to berlin.

Manchester to Berlin 4hours flight duration by easy jet. 

famous landmark in berlin Brandenburger tor.

and of course the berlin wall

will continue after this