Friday, February 28, 2014

i never love someone like this

i know that i have been playing around quite sometimes. i am a selfish person who always think for myself. in a relationship ill do what i think its right but apparently thts not how its supposed to be. i always left out and didnt hear what others opinion cuz i always think im the right one. and i dont know ive been doing that all this while. i used to bare myself to my friends and they did told me about what i did and all and i just thought im not that bad. but the ugly truth is yes i am. i am a mean person who didnt care about anyone else. im a self centred person and im always being judgemental.  

but the day ive meet you , you held my hand. you proved to me that two world apart can be one. i never love someone like this. you helped me you fix me but i always messed things up again and again. again and again.  i always being the one who is stubborn and saying im the right person and make other feel shit. thts who i am and im worried u will give up on me. im want to fix myself i want to fix the way how i think cuz it always ruined us. i need to hold u n grab u before u get so far from me. we are slowly parting away i need to do something to fix us up. alhamdulillah you and i know we need a lil bit fixing and im trying here. i try so bad even i always end up to be the stubborn n she is so mrs right! sgt menyampah dgn diri sndiri. 

i need to do something i know i need to comeup with something i will  i will i promise myself i will. 

to the one that i love.
forgive me.