Friday, December 9, 2011

Xmas in Zurich

When it comes to Christmas , I was the one who are very excited. Its not that we are celebrating the festival but I know the idea of Christmas is getting a present from family and friends. I just loved this giving present things as it is such a surprised rather than getting duit raya. Yeah I think I have my own Christmas experienced back then when our family are staying in Johor Bahru . I can't remember how is it the celebration but maybe we went to see my dad's friends. I can choose one box of present which is piled up at the Christmas tree. It was long time a go but still it keep remains in my memories.

Enough about the old stories , just want to let you know that Christmas in Zurich are so exciting. Its not even December they already put up the x mas light. The very famous Lucy Light which all over the Banhoff street and when you be there you will see its like snows falling down. It is such a nice view and from there you will know Christmas is coming!

This pictures are singing xmas tree where there would be choir up in the x mas tree. There would be so much people see the event and its so much fun when the kids also are singing together. :)

The singing Christmas tree :)

This is the lucy light , that lights up all the Banhof Street.

Don't you love all the details of it? Colorful ! Loved it so much!

This is the famous Swaroski Christmas tree which is made from crystal and diamonds.

I just loved to spend my days in Zurich and I know I will be heading back home soon . The one that I missed my family in Zurich and also my crazy double sided head friends Fatma. hehe

p/s: If you read this fatma , do cry for me and sing MOTHER LOVER SONG! hhahaha
another p/s: I am so lazy to fix my grammar. Sorry papa if you read this. I'll work it on next time. hahaha