Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bahasa Melayu Tinggi Alert!!

i always wonder where did i come from actually ..my bm always suckx .. i am malaysian and i am purely malay but i dunno y my bm languange always suckss.. hahah mcm la bi aku okeh sgt ..but better la sket dri bm . hhaaha i always bertutur in the wrong way .. like supposed to be kenduri kawin and i ckp kawin kenduri like makan nasi i will ckp nasi makan.. hahah ..all my fren would laugh at me and i didnt realised the words would come out from my mouth .. lolx.. another thing is my upsr didnt get straight a's all becuz of bm . turned out tht i've got b . i made my parents and my teacher ( cikgu zawawi disappointed with me ..but i still dont know wut is wrong with me ..and the reason i post this blog because i have bm presentation tomorow and i've just lost my bm text. hell yeah another things to do ..prepare another text and speech ieka!! ..o god ..i really dun like bm mcm mane nih!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

great weekend!

last saturday , our whole family gather together . ayip and nina pon ade (yey)..then ..i just got my new camera ..olympus tough ..eventhough i didnt get canon dslr sob :(
but its okeh my brand new camera same dgn alan heheh ..we were all head back to kampung and i had so much fun with my camra hehhe ..i went on snapping on pictures especially flowers ..mama ckp anak2 sume ikot hobby papa gak... nina pon loves to take pic and ieka pon gedik gak..nak same..so here are some of the picta ..that i had took..

(all these pics makes maktok smile cuz she's been the one who do the gardening)

these two was my fav..yaiks no wonder girls loves flower..and i still wonder y my bestfriend wana dun love flower..plek la jugak but she still dream on to have sumone to give her flower eventhough die x suke bunge . but after all i have a very great weekend.