Friday, December 9, 2011

Xmas in Zurich

When it comes to Christmas , I was the one who are very excited. Its not that we are celebrating the festival but I know the idea of Christmas is getting a present from family and friends. I just loved this giving present things as it is such a surprised rather than getting duit raya. Yeah I think I have my own Christmas experienced back then when our family are staying in Johor Bahru . I can't remember how is it the celebration but maybe we went to see my dad's friends. I can choose one box of present which is piled up at the Christmas tree. It was long time a go but still it keep remains in my memories.

Enough about the old stories , just want to let you know that Christmas in Zurich are so exciting. Its not even December they already put up the x mas light. The very famous Lucy Light which all over the Banhoff street and when you be there you will see its like snows falling down. It is such a nice view and from there you will know Christmas is coming!

This pictures are singing xmas tree where there would be choir up in the x mas tree. There would be so much people see the event and its so much fun when the kids also are singing together. :)

The singing Christmas tree :)

This is the lucy light , that lights up all the Banhof Street.

Don't you love all the details of it? Colorful ! Loved it so much!

This is the famous Swaroski Christmas tree which is made from crystal and diamonds.

I just loved to spend my days in Zurich and I know I will be heading back home soon . The one that I missed my family in Zurich and also my crazy double sided head friends Fatma. hehe

p/s: If you read this fatma , do cry for me and sing MOTHER LOVER SONG! hhahaha
another p/s: I am so lazy to fix my grammar. Sorry papa if you read this. I'll work it on next time. hahaha

Monday, November 21, 2011

Zurich Nightlife

There is one guy from the Swiss TV "SRF" is very friendly to me and as usual , I am the tourist in Zurich. So he ask lot of question about what I have been doing here in Zurich. He also suggest me some of Zurich attraction place. He was kind enough to offer me to have a hiking trip again when there is snow. But in my mind "don't let him so serious about this , hiking trip again??"
It is not that I don't like hiking , I do LOVED it ! Especially when we reach up in the Swiss Alps , no words can described how beautiful it was. Subhanallah!
But again when I am thinking how long does it take to be walking up in the hill , in the meadow and how steep it was ??And the fact that I need four days to fully recover my legs! ahhh ... I would like to re- consider his invitation though.

But later one he tells that , ZURICH is most popular for its nightlife. And again he ask me have you been one of Zurich club?

and i was like errr............ ( there was a silence moment )

I was smiling to him like I didn't say yes or no.
Oh yeah , I really know the fact that Zurich is famous for its nightclub and pub. Haaha .
But frankly to tell the truth , my nightlife are not like theirs.
Hahaa I rather having a cozy sleep in the bed or having hot chocolate at the coffee shop.
I choose quiet and peace rather than some techno music banging in the head. No offence techno lovers , we are all have different kind of taste and that is why we are so unique for the way we are.

One thing that I know about Zurich it is so beautiful when the nights come.

From the right : Grossmunster churche , St.Peter Kirche and also Fraumunster.

p/s: when my mum ask me how am i doing . Will i be thin when i go back home , and i only answer her MUM , mostly I eat CHEESE. so sila lah lihat pipi saya.

Monday, November 14, 2011

You are not eligible yet!

The reason of this post because its just a reminder to myself that i am not eligible YET to be married.

Cammano nak kahwin ah ?? One incident that make me think y it is :

1) There are few attempt to cook rice without 'rice cooker' because with rice cooker dah pass! and yes in Zurich I dont think they used rice cooker. All they eat are pasta and bread.
Yesterday I boiled the rice and unfortunately die x masak!!!! I don't know why? so this is my failure moment. It seems like dah masak but in the end when i want to have my dinner , It is uncooked!


So today I continue on my cooking failure. I try to make bubur with nasi semalam .
I thought i am genius when i just leave the uncooked rice with a lot of water in it . Guess what? Hangit!!

At this moment i said to myself " stop dreaming Ika !"

2) The second thing that I went for groceries shopping to buy some veges and other stuff .So Fatma company me and we both go to Migros. When we both look at Kobis , we dont know which one to take: the big one or the small one. I take the small one - sbb nak murah and no it is not. Its damm expensive . A kobis for likely RM 10 ?? Can you imagine? And when i come home , I prepare all tHE stuff to cook and that time just I realized the SMALL kobis which is EXPENSIVE belum masak lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found it is very hilarious because both of us are not ELIGIBLE TO GET MARRIED YET!

p/s: In the end ika makan nasi bubur dengan sayur kobis masak lemak santan and sambal ikan bilis 3 in 1 Brahim. haha such a loser but syukur tidak pernah lapar di sini.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Childhood memories

I could listen to this song over and over !
and singing it in the shower!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not a fixer to be

Recently I try to mend something but I have to accept the fact that I am not a fixer.
I try to mend something that is precious , gifted and something took about 8 years of our sweet childhood & youthful lives.
The result of the fixing things ??
Sigh , no answer.
I just make it more worst.
The least I can do is to sit quietly and not messing with anyone.
I can't save everything that I want.
Maybe that is how life turned out to be.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back and Forth love

This is what exactly it is all about. we are in back and forth , in fighting for our love. ridiculous as it seems but this is the reality.

p/s :I love you always and forever baby, that's all i need.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Everyone are MadMen

I am an insecure , emotionally and neurotic person and how can someone accept me for the way i am? GILA ape?

Instead of thinking of myself gila , it makes me thinking why that person can accept orang gila macam saya? Or make that person more GILA than I am?

I dont know the answer for the questions , but for now I can lived with the fact that Orang Gila is you and people around you also GILA.

p/s: everyone had their limit of their madness and this day I realised I just reached my madness .

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple Saft Shooting

Sudah 8 minggu ika dekat Zurich and well done this is my first blog post pasal my life in Swiss. hehe I know i am not an avid blogger type as I can't write really well.
But yes , alhamdulillah dah hampir dua bulan ika menetap di Zurich. Berpuasa di sini memang sangat mencabar mana tak nya ramadhan jatuh di musin summer jawabnye panjang siang dri malam. Seventeen hours of fasting , its a long time and i could always hear my tummy growling. Baru tahu rasenya mcm mana anak-anak somalia ataupun fakir miskin x dpt makan. That moment make me realised the real thing of puasa.

Sangat bersyukur di sini , ika ade byk kenalan baru dan juga pengalaman yang sgt best. whatever it is , this is pictures from my second shooting. Apple saft which is persatuan apple di suisse. They are really proud of their tanaman la. so thts y they always market their stuff. The shooting is at Rapperswill which is the nice view of lake and it was directed by Cello. Ika just tolong jadi pak pacak je la. But i had a nice day with Fatma and also the crew.

Orang swiss , mmg makanan diorg is bread. So croissant ni one of their fav and also muesli - mixed up of bijiran dgn buah2.

As well , i am trying to learn german sikit sikit , tpi ika ni malas sket as they all can speak english. heheh . but i know a lil bit of words. The first week kat sini , i know how it feels to not be at your surrounding , your normal place . you are homesick back then and its hard to faced this phase. And alhamdulillah I am trying to , my friends and family back home give me lot of support and my mind should think the other way around and not always see what i dont have.

Tapi , ika kat sini baik2 aje . sebab semua orang baik sangat dengan ika. Ika rase ade family baru bila ika join Uncle Andre and his family for a dinner. They are so nice and kawan-kawan kat sini ade yang rahmah ade yang suke bantu. And yes ika ade jumpa orang malaysia kat sini , but not student malaysia . susah tau bukan mcm uk orang malaysia belambak. But ape-ape pun ika ade pengalaman seronok sekali bawak orang Malaysia berjalan2 di Zurich.

One thing ika suka sangat pasal swiss ni sbb pokok die!! hehe pokok die sangat bermacam2 bentuk dan sgt besar n tua. Ika suka sgt tempat yang sngat hargai nature kat sini orang die sngt hargai natural . Evrywhere is green , kamera ika banyak sangat gmbr pokok. heheh Scenery die sgt cntik :)

And yeah , sudah dua bulan yer ika disini . So harap dpt belajar byk 2 lagi harap dapat kumpul pengalaman yang mmg susah nak dpt ni. So i am good here. dun worry yer :)
And this is a lil bit pic from apple saft shooting. gmbr sket sbb nak upload byk agi kat fb. hehe and ika jadi extra so kene la stay satu tmpt je. x dpt tgkp gmbr sgt. heheh

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

this is for u

Don’t wait for the water
Don’t wait for the water

We don’t even talk anymore
And we don’t even know what we argue about
Don’t even say I love you no more
’cause saying how we feel is no longer allowed
Some people will work things out
And some just don’t know how to change

Let’s don’t wait till the water runs dry
We might watch our whole lives pass us by
Let’s don’t wait till the water runs dry
We’ll make the biggest mistake of our lives
Don’t do it baby

Now they can see the tears in our eyes
But we deny the pain that lies deep in our hearts
Well maybe that’s a pain we can’t hide
’cause everybody knows that we’re both torn apart
Why do we hurt each other
Why do we push love away


Don’t do it baby
Don’t do it baby
Don’t wait for the water
Don’t wait

Some people will work things out
And some just don’t know how to change


Don’t do it baby
Don’t do it baby
No, no baby
We might watch our whole lives, yeah
Don’t wait for the water

p/s: what we gone through makes us torn apart. I don't know how am i gonna fixed this. Please don't let our water runs dry ,lets fixed this. :(

Tak mengerti

Setiap manusia mempunyai cerita ,kisah hidup , perasaan
masing -masing. tetapi untuk orang memahami impian kite sangatlah susah , walapun orang itu adalah orang yang paling rapat sangat dengan diri kita. Susah hendak orang lain baca hati kita dan susah juga untuk kita baca hati org lain. Untuk mencapai kata sefahaman mmg bukan mudah. Perbincangan kecil membawa kepada perbincangan yang besar. Semuanya dengan satu tujuan untuk mnyelesaikan masalah , tetapi untuk mencapai kata sepakat bukanlah mudah. Dari perbincangan yang kecil telah menjadi sebuah perbincangan yang besar hingga melibatkan pergaduhan , perasaan diri masing-masing. Pelbagai permainan perasaan bermain di dalam diri . Bende yang remeh dijadikan sebagai isu besar. Ah ! rumitnya manusia ni. Kan senang kalau bende yang engkau nak engkau bagitahu sahaja. Tapi ada juga manusia benda yang engkau tak nak engkau saja katakan supaya orang lain x boleh menduga diri engkau sebenarnya. Rumitkan manusia ni?
Aku tak paham kenapa kau tidak boleh berterus terang dan kenape hendaknya bermain sembunyi perasaan ni. Diri ku sangat mudah , jika aku rase aku perlu katakan sesuatu bende aku akan katakan. aku tak suka bermain sembunyi sembunyi ni. Kenapa orang lain nak main sembunyi2 perasaan dengan aku ni. Aku cuba untuk pahami orang itu tetapi kenape susah untuk aku lakukan sedemikian. (mungkin orang itu pun tak dapat fahami aku kan?)

Sedihnya hati bila rasa mcm ni.

p/s: nampak sangat blog aku ni tempat luahkan perasaan kan. Swiss punya update pun x tulis kat blog lagi. Btw im here in Zurich dah 4 minggu dah. Doakan ieka belajar sunguh2 di sini ye.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

deal with me

I need someone who can share all those things happens in my life. even the small thing matters. I know I'm such a control freak but whatever it is deal with this . this is me!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Ika bukan sorang-sorang ~

Selalu aku yakinkan hati aku ni, yang selalu terluka terguris perasaan dengan manusia lain. Mungkin sebab aku ni seorang yang suka mengharap , suka berangan , suka mempunyai impian , suka membantu orang , suka mendahulukan orang lain daripada diri sendiri. Itu lah aku. Sedar dengan kesilapan diri sendiri tetapi masih lagi lakukan kesilapan yang sama. Entah , tak tahu kenapa susah untuk aku ubah. Mungkin sifat bebal, bodoh , simpati , empati , setia aku ni sangat kuat dan sudah sebati dengan diri aku sendiri.

Aku pernah di nasihatkan supaya buang harapan aku yang tinggi mcm gunung tuh tapi bile aku pikir balik what the used of having mind ? or imagination? Sudah diberi oleh maha yang esa kenapa harus dibuang. Mungkin sukar untuk aku berkawan dengan orang yang hanya memandang realiti . Yang sukar untuk menerima diri aku sebegini.
Yang pasti Aku rela rasa sakit , menangis hari demi hari kerana aku terlampau takut untuk buat perubahan.

Manusia lain pandang aku seperti perempuan yang kurang stabil , terlebih emosi ataupun lebih senang cerita 'crazy person'. yes I admit it , i am acting like one of those . I am the type which can't pick up a phone call when i was mad , angry or sad . I am the type will lie for the sake of the other person. I know by lying i would save a person day. Aku akan tipu pasal diri aku supaya orang lain x payah risau dengan diri aku. yups thts me!

Apa yang aku tidak tipu adalah menulis di sini , kerana ianya ruang yang kosong seperti kertas dan jariku adalah satu-satunya alatan untuk menaip. Boleh dikatakan ianya adalah peneman setia untuk aku meluahkan perasaan.Mungkin aku pernah cerita sedikit sebanyak kepada rakan baik aku mahupun ahli keluarga tetapi bukan semua cerita aku mereka ingin dengarkan. Penat jugak mereka nak mendengar kisah hidup aku. Kadang-kadang ,bila dicerita ada yang memberi respons yang baik dan ada yang terus buat endah x endah sahaja.Pelik kan? Itulah manusia. Bila mereka memerlukan teman , aku selalu di tepi mereka tak kira waktu dan ketika , panggil sahaja aku akan ada. Mungkin mereka tak sedari pengorbanan aku untuk mereka. Mungkin kerana tipu-tipu aku itu , mereka merasakan aku adalah manusia yang gagah.

Tetapi sebenarnya aku bukanlah segagah mana. Luaran nampak kuat kental tetapi sebenarnya di dalam diri banyak sangat benda disimpan . Tak perlulah di buka disini ,biar DIA sahaja yang tahu.Aku bersyukur kerana sesedih mana diriku , aku bukanlah keseorangan.DIA sentiasa berada dengan aku ,tidak pernah sekali DIA meninggalkan aku.
Aku bersyukur mendapat kelebihan seperti itu sebagai muslim , mengingati DIA adalah perkara yang wajib dilakukan. Kadang-kadang aku tersimpang jauh dari jalan nya , namun DIA x pernah sekali pun jauh dari aku. Masih lagi sentiasa bersama diriku ini. Indahkan ?
Sebab itu lah apabila aku resah , terasa mcm nak gila , DIA lah tempat untuk aku mengadu kerana aku tahu tiada satu benda pun dia tidak tahu di dalam diri aku.

Kerana itu manusia cepat lupa dan cepat sedar kembali. Alhamdulillah jika kita mempunyai peluang untuk membuat perubahan kerana ianya adalah satu peluang emas. Jika kita masih lupa , ketuklah pintu hati kita agar terjaga dari mainan jiwa kita sendiri.

p/s: ika amik ni dari blog my classmate- i really loved read her blog sgt membuka minda.

2nd p/s: terkadang hidup rasa kosong....
tetapi itu hanyalah bisikan palsu...
sesungguhnya tiada siapa yang sendiri....
Allah sentiasa ada menemani...

mungkin ini adalah ganjaran aku setelah aku berusaha bersungguh-sungguh . Allhamdulillah , bulan Julai dah pun masuk , 22 hari lagi sahaja lagi. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

"date post"out look

hey everyone , i think this is my first trial to post my out-look certain times. I am not a very fashionable person but i simply loved to dress according to my mood n occasion. so you may see me very snobbish at one time but hey! girls got to do what they have to do! is to be pretty!

cheap tangerine blazer - it was a gift
fos miami beach t-shirt
acid-wash jeans kitschen
v-ki cheap ankles boots

Friday, May 27, 2011

Amour te amour

We're drifting apart ,
I dunno what should more to be said ,
I hate that I loved you so much ,
I hate the fact that it makes me cry every time think of it,
Ika , You are not hard as what you think ,
the solid wall is getting collapsed,
Not literally all collapsed ,
but it slowly , take times ,
times and times , gradually it will collapsed
and shattered all the hopes that have you've been creating
hopes that keeps u on smiling ,
gasping or excited for the brand new day ,
it is long gone dear , all long gone ,
because you are no who you are ,
you've be someone else for the sake of hope that you've been smiling at,
silly isn't it,
but that's happening when you are ,
so blunt in what does people say AMOUR.
AMOUR thats not really heaven.

p/s: I feel like wanna leave so badly ... please make it quick. I know this is just some unstable emotions running through myself. sorry it is a thing to let it out but i do heart you!always be amour you

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the answer

"Why she is so genius?"
" what makes she is so special? why all the teacher love her? "
" why she always be the first and top student? "
" why can't I be like her?"


i bet all of you ever popped this question with your friends?
or some of you like jealous of her and you all rather criticized her than agree with what does she have?

when i was in lower school I always have this question over my mind because I am not a bright student and I am not preety either. Durgh that's mean there is nothing special bout me.
I always envy to those beautiful girl who have gifted talent like they can dance , sing and also excel with her study. But for me , i am a girl that isn't really a favourite of anyone. Can you believed ,all the girls are playing batu seremban while me and other boys are drawing digimon cartoon by using buku latihan. Or i always beat them when playing tutup botol and the worst thing is there is one chinese boy who are scared of me because I used to slap him in the face. Tulah sape suruh bace diari org suke suka je. LOL Funny isn't ?

I lived and learned from the school memories that i had and from there i realised that we are all different in our own perfect way.

In lower school -I may not be a school dancer but I am a school runner. even though not as good as my sister but i am preety proud to lived with it.
In middle school Cochrane- I may not be Top PMR but I had a great experienced of being English debater and I don't know how Miss Goh put her faith on me ?
In MRSM - I am not the most bright student who always get above 3.5 but im proudly to say I am a basketball player for the school. (walaupun main hanya smpi di jelebu je haha)
In matrix- yet again i didn't achieved a great cgpa for my physical studies but it didn't even make me sad because of that I found the new hope that lead me to UPM for my media studies.
I am really grateful for what have fated for me and I am really happy doing my study in UPM.
After what have I gone through , I believed the answer for my question above is


If we have a big amount of desire , we will make sure that we will put a big effort on it. That's called determination. So the size of your determination will determined your success and Insyallah with all those prayer, Allah will grant what you want in your life. So don't you ever give up because you will not know what really DETERMINATION is.

p/s: 66 days more for my adventures to begin! later on , i will tell you more on the adventures. wink wink :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The feelings that couldn't be described?

Q:What does you feel today?


Q:Why does you feel that way?

A:Because I will be leaving.

Q:For a good cause isn't ?

A:Yup :(

Q: Wouldn't it be great?

A:Yeah sure if like any body cares.

Q:Anybody? what do you mean that? are you referring to someone?

A:I guess so ? I bet someone who didn't even remember that I will be leaving soon.

Q:Why would that be?

A:I guess someone who didn't value the time that left.

Q: why would that be? would you share more?

A:I guess it is not worth it because i feel better right now!

Tq anyway , blogspot! That's why you are like super awesome cool friends to me when there are lots of emotions running through myself!
and yeah
the words for today is :

empty-Containing nothing; not holding or having anything within; void of contents or appropriate contents; not filled; said of an inclosure, as a box, room, house, etc.; as, an empty chest, room, purse, or pitcher; an empty stomach; empty shackles.

p/s: I need to filled up this emptiness real quick! would anyone filled it up? lol

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lovey dovey mood

Have you all watched romantic movies with a perfect tanned guy together with a lovely girl.There would always have one scene which will makes our hearts skipped a beat and all the girls will go like 'ooohhh' or 'ahhhh' .Maybe that guy put so much effort in making crafty handmade card for the girl , or he wrote a love letter for the girl or maybe the kind of guy who can sing for the girl that he loved. We are all wonder that if we were that lucky girl?

and tonight I feel so blissful because ,

I think

I am that lucky girl.

I feel so blessed and I can't hardly stop smiling.

Tq abg for making my night so special and memorable.

p/s :even though my story there is no such thing a tanned guy like penn bradley or a beautiful girl like katherine heighl. But at least I feel so content with what I have today . Tq Allah for giving me the best .I feel so grateful.

and this video are specially for you , that always make my day full of colours.I heart you so.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Need you to listen

Would you hear? Would you listen?
I guess not , you've changed so much.
How much I miss the time when you are able to listen ,
What's inside me without telling you anything.
God , how much I miss those time.
But I know it's matter of time for you to realized.
That I'm missing the old you.
The one that could listen.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where is our mama?

It going to be a long journey for mama n papa to get back home and how could we resist 4 months without them . :( I guess we were all like that bear in the cage clueless in finding their mommy!

Mama and papa already took off to Africa , so we were all living independently together. Funny how my elder brother (Ayip) just message me and said that he already arrived at JB. It's like I'm Mama after all , who should received all the reports. :)lallalala and Abang Boy msg me to get back home just to do house chores ! (haih)
Well I supposed so .. (Kak Narti yang buat kerje )

After mama n papa not here , all of us had done our job perfectly good. wink ;)
Well , I'm lying for sure but what can I say that there are dirty dishes at the sink , whole lot of laundry to be done , and yes our breakfast , lunch and dinner are all 3-in-1 which is PIZZA! hahaha I bet the pizza guy already know the house which didn't cook.

But what can we do , our parents are not here for time being and we try our best not to miss them and if you guys could see how the condition of the house you would know how much we miss them! Lol

To Nina: this is the pictures at the airport



Abang boy (tulis autograph untuk mama- mama nye request)

We miss both of you - Papa & Mama

We miss Nina too !!

Papa and Mama - one last goodbye at the airport

Anyway , have fun mama n papa. We were all wishes you the best in your vacation . Hope that this trip would be like your honeymoon!

P/s: Nini joke around and said to mama " Nini x nak ade adik lagi ye..." and we were all laugh about it.

~"Bila susah dan senang tiada siapa lagi yang perlu kita cari melainkan keluarga yang setia bersama-sama dengan kita"~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peter Gene Hernandez in Kl !

Obviously im super excited to post up my blog because I just went to BRUNO MARS concert in PWTC and it is very extremely tremendously GREAT! I had so much fun with my friends. So here it is all about HIM my lover ! hahah Baby Bruno! love you so much cuz You are so damn sexy! hahaha

Me and friends after the concert

tony,ard,ninie,amer rekano , me and ajeed (wak)

and here it is pictures of him

Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez !

fyi: Bruno mars said that he will be coming back to Malaysia and I know that he will.Yaiks Im so super duper excited!