Tuesday, October 27, 2009

major disappointment

I had a tough day , i feel like i'm useless . i failed my JPJ test , both part of it : dalam and jalan raya. Hurm , the day of the test i play along, acting like i'm not nervous and it is not working. i tought it would. the moment they called up my name , i quickly jump into the car , my hands trembling mcm ape je. He reminds me to wear seat belt and yup! ieka is very clumsy ,she didnt remembered what had she been told even its just happens for slightly few seconds. and yes , she failed...
hurm penat la ..i know part of it is my fault and part of it ..hurm x bleh nak salahkan sape2..it just happen. so sorry pa, u have to spend money lagi on me. tapi nak wat cmne kan.. hurm ..so lets see what would happen..for another test.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fahrin GOJOS!!

OMG i do love this guy!!
so hot!! so gojosz!!
(i just grab the chance by yelling 'saya' kuat2)
heheheh lucky i get the chance to take picture with him

i've got to tell my uncle , die yg slalu ngusik ckp fahrin nak kawen dah..trying to make me feel sad ..and i will said "not yet la". and now i just feel happy...to have one pic of him with me....

location: latar siswa ,fakulti bahasa moden dan komunikasi
time: 5 lebeh
event: wawancara bersama fahrin ahmad (senior nye event)

p/s: bru petang tdi je , mlm dah post kat blog!! HAHAH mencapap

Monday, October 12, 2009

maths maniac no more!

I've lost my touch with maths! Argh no!!

I really do love math but now i cant remember multiplication of 6!

I realised when Dr. Hasnah gave out marks and i be the one
struggling to do the calculation..

and guess what i've forgot 8 x 6 is what? i said 42 ..hehhe my bad ..

i guess i need to do form 1 maths all over again ... or not i did not know how to count! yaiks..

putrajaya's view from PICC ( I went to 3rd Anugerah Media Islam Negara ) last sunday
jumpe wardina n jumma yg cun! heheh

Saturday, October 10, 2009


i do miss her :

makcik aku sorg ni yg kejenye suke melagho ....je

hey we've been friends since years and now rase plek aa
ko xde .......plek gile ...cepat la ade internet.

btw gud luck for ur studies! i know today is ur first class
and do come back m'sia asap! nnti kite merongeng sesame!

ur friend

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


last sunday part of my class went on to see musical theater in istana budaya.At first i thought gamat is like bising and afterward i know that gamat is like some living creature under deep sea which can use as medicine.

Amy mastura play AS ibu gamat n natasha hudson play as ikan buntal. After all its like kiddo story which made me dance along the music. hahah


guys know this song ..nyanyi la..huhu


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

aku kuar tv!

Peoples get really excited and happy when something that they loved comes to them. Like me . Yey! Last night i felt really happy and excited as i get the opportunity to be on tv . (rtm je) Lol

I really do excited when Anas said that we are going to RTM and i didn't even bother to ask him what is it for? btw anas thanx

When i reached there , the first word that caught my eye is "PENYIARAN'.At that moment i feel like i was belong there. I was so happy that i could see it on my own how a tv show would be conducted.

And yey! I get a photo with MR.BIG GUY. bpk besar kamera die.heheh

Being a first year broadcasting student , i still didn't get enough exposure on my major field. so i really felt lucky that i get this opportunity !

dapat jumpe Dr. Fazley ..muke dah jadi mcm ni ..kalo jumpe piere andre.. mcm mane la muke aku nnti

akhir sekali , saya nak ucapkan terima kasih kepada ydp kite yg bwk kitrog mengamatkan studio RTM.

Friday, October 2, 2009

ngeng ngong!

Lawak nye diri ku ini :

Abg boy ckp : " ieka , org L skali je , ko smpi 4 kali pasal?"


i have to admit , darn i didnt even get my P license yet. after all i already took lesson right after i am free from SPM. and now still i didn't get my P. It could not be blame on me all by myself (heheh) .

what do you can expect , right after SPM : work (Borders) , PLKN (sbah lak tu) then Matrix ( perlis).

After matrix : melagho kan dri then went on travelling all by myself (yet didnt have much time for driving)

Now , i just made my first move . Yey ! hahah i decide to learn it again in UPM. so wish me luck guys. cuz i really need one

moyang n cicit melagho ..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unusual night

Remember when Meredith was having one slot of her life that brings her into shades of death. It is the moment when she saw dead Izzie’s fiancĂ©e, Denny Duquete and dead heroic fireman from Seattle Grace bombing case. Aha that is the one. It is very traumatic. Notice that, she saw a very bright light that looks like a welcoming sign. It looks like a path that shows her to a new life after death. It seems like a major wake up call for her.

Same goes to me. I hardly closed my eyes and can’t sleep on one night as I just stared up in the sky. The night was so calm and there is no single sound that could be heard unless the sound of my favorite watch keeps on ticking and ticking. It is 2 am in the morning and that night was Tuesday night. My eyes keep on staring at the sky as if there is something wrong. Yes indeed, there is something wrong with the skies that night. The thunder keep on blaring, non-stop and it blares behind the black clouds as if there is nothing else in the skies. The thunder keeps on striking from the back and to the front as if there is some sort of anger within him. It is not a normal lighting strike, the one that make a big terrifying sound. It is not like the normal lighting because it doesn’t produce a single sound.

At first, I thought it just a lighting strike, but eventually after fifteen minutes keeps stared at the sky; it didn’t stop or even make a sound. At that point, I was really scared. All of my roommates have dozed off to sleep and I was alone in having unusual experience. I was scared and texting my parents and azura if they have the same experience. It was late in the morning, so what more can they say. Gile per ieka ni. Lol. But they kindly ask me to get back to sleep and not to think of it.

So I do what have they say, I get back to my bed and try to get sleep. But deep inside, all kinds of thoughts were through my mind. Worst, I think it is the end of the world. I pray for god’s forgiveness as I know back in the past I’ve had made lot of sin and I never been a good person. At that point, I know it’s too late. There is no time machine for me. But what can I do.

I could only pray and pray continuously until I didn’t realize it is already morning. The moment I opened up my eyes, I was happy and feel grateful to have another day to live. I can’t help myself out and start crying. Suddenly I remember, that I have class at 8 am and guess what, it is already 7.30 am. I rushed to the toile and I’ve made to the class and through the days I keep on thinking that night was a wakeup call for me. Maybe , it happens for my own good and I thank god it happens.