Sunday, February 21, 2010

When Facebook - no fun..

There are certain times when facebook start to bored me. hahah (maybe is like a shocking statement) but yeah it is true.

The time : when no left notifications to be check , any friends request or any messages to be read , or i felt very lazy to post any status .. then i started to think facebook is really boring... hahaha ..

so i started do something else

guess what ??

i went for food hunting ( no wonder i was called mok)


how are we been tempted by the melting choc.

which will made me ..become more hungry and tempted!

Buterscotch and choco chip cakes.

hehehe :)

p/s: dear papa i am still waiting on the electronic weighing machine ..cuz i've been dreaming on baking apple pie with mama. :) cepat la orderr.. machine tuh ..huhuh

Monday, February 15, 2010

What if ?

what if ?

I was Lily?
There would be ,my own Marshall waiting in our most comfy couch.

What if?

I was Bella?
There would be my Edward waiting in school cafeteria..for our lunch time together.

What if ?

I was Meredith?
There would be McDreamy waiting for me after his long hour operation...
and then, together we went back home .. :)

and what if ??

I am not one of them??
not even a slight chance to be like them?

What if I am ted , Jacob or Christina?

Who are still waiting for their story to be written on ,to be continue?
to be created... hurm sigh :(

I guess , waiting is the only options

( our pic in wang kelian :fara , sob , wana fakhri and ieka)

ps: we had fun in perlis nearly fun as we are. coming up i'll be posting up pics in bukit tinggi trip.