Friday, June 18, 2010


how could u not fall in love with those creatures. sungguh comel .

i used to have a dream bout penguin. I had landed on north pole and then there is one penguin come rushing to me and hug me.Its like a baby come to his mama. after i woke up i feel so happy and i excited to meet them.
thts y smpi skrg rase nak gi zoo negara lagi kalo lah ade penguin kat situ . hurm siape la nak bwk ?? ngeee

so cute kan??

i wish i could hug them betul2. mesti sejuk kan?

p/s: i had untold story bout my childhood that related to penguin. thats y i love penguin. heheh

Sunday, June 13, 2010

may and june entries..

well hello ,

lame x update blog sume gara-gara my laptop masuk virus
kuar porno2 hambek ko ....terus aku x sentuh laptop aku

btw this is what i did for about more than two months.

1)I had the oppurtunities to wear sari and i am so excited over it. and we had done a lil bit tranformation to indian traditional dress by wearing tudung. hey sape kate pki tudung x leh pki sari. and here we are tadaa..

2)we went to temerloh ,pahang nak crik ikan patin. We done a documentary on ikan patin and also pekan sehari at temerloh. The end of the trip we were rewarded ikan patin masak tempoyak , sungguh sedap and a big thanks to fara’s family.

3)Yey , kak nina balik Malaysia and we were all went to penang for a short break. What a paradise , we were all had fun there especially makan! Yey! And also water sport! Banana boat ade , jetski ade then yg paling seronok naik parachute up up in the air!

4) went for tokio hotel concert thnx to ajeed . im not into tokio hotel but finally i know the song that i always sang in highschool “ monsoon” is act their song. Lol. Went to rtmnyer concert just nak tgk faizal tahir. Omg suke sgt die . bleh die nyanyikan selamat malam untuk saya??

5)Yey I’ve been to KWN which is Kid Witness News by Panasonic. Its not that i am a participant but i am a facilitator for the event.(tpi mcm layak jer jadi peserta) . Meet lots of cute kids and new friends. Plus spending time with seniors are superb! Hearts them.

5) I had been very busy with MAVIC stuff . MAVIC (Merdeka Award Video Competition) org dah cuti sem aku still lagi in UPM buat kerje. What can i do , kitrg sume berkorban for the sake of our course. Dah kate BROAD! So act like one la.

6) Fara n I went to Johor for as’s engagement with fahmi. Yey ! I felt happy for them. Dapat jugak aku merasa membuat hantaran. Nak tunggu for my bro lambt lagi la john! Huhuhu wish my engagement day would be lovely as asny’s.

7) Now im having my short holiday i mean really short. A week duduk rumah mane la nak cukup sbb Next week , we were all going to have a shooting in pahang. Hope our products will turn out fine. Anyway congrats to ten listed winners for MAVIC and go go! UPM!

P/s: Dear papa , please take care of yourself there in amazon. Mama are freaking worried of you even she looks relax. Anyway Love you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It is like a fairy tales.

Its nearly 2 am in the morning and I am searching for my musical carousel at amazon. argh!! nak sgt musical carousel .
I've been dreaming on to have it dri dulu lagi.
I know it sound really silly for 20 years girl,who wanting to have kiddos stuff but it is actually my dream.
Its like, Having those musical carousel make me feel close to my own fairy tales.

I can imagine , every night before I dozed to my sleep, I will listen to the lovely mozart and see those beautiful horses spinning around gently while I lay down at my bed.
Slowly with the music on , I will be making into my dream.
I will be riding a beautiful horse at the open green field and there would be a prince charming with a black horse come to get me.
Then we went for a walk at the riverbank.From there I know he is the one , who will make my day full of shine even sorrow comes.
After a few weeks , he finally proposed me and we get married in the castle.
The most lovely part is when after a few years we were rewarded to have four most beautiful children...

Aww so much of fairy tales ieka!! but in the real world there is no such things a prince with horses.... :(

but at least , there is nothing wrong to have those imagination as long as it make you happy.

p/s: sorry for the lovey dovey mood. I had getting some of it after asny and fahmi engagement session.Anyway Congratulations Hasnidah Hassan and Fahmi may both of you will be the sweetest couple ever!