Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writting that should be posted long way before. To those who listen , read , speaks and use their sensitivity.

I am a very sensitive person and expressing what I feel to the person that I LOVE is really a big matter to me. When I've been put down for once I will remember it and not letting it go.

3 years of relationship, I never regret it. Im in love, I learned how to love, I accept love. All those sweetness I treasured,I keep it in my memory box and I say thank you to them.

The dirty sides of love? I shall take it put in my memory box and use it as a lesson in my future.They are my handy men and I am thankful for that.

Things happen for it reason kan?

So, whatmore can I say except saying Allhamdulillah?

P/s : This is a left out blog post. And this puisi actually what I feel at that moment. Jazakallah...

Ya Allah,
Andai masanya belum tiba,
Jangan izinkan aku untuk jatuh cinta,
Aku memohon agar Kau tunjukkan jalan,
Agar Kau tunjukkan aku tuntutun yang perlu aku lakukan,
Jauhkanlah aku daripada kemaksiatan,
Jauhkanlah aku daripada perkara yang tidak dapat memberi manfaat,
Dan jauhkan aku daripada perkara yang Engkau murkai,
Agar aku dapat menjaga diri.

Ya Allah,
Jika aku jatuh cinta,
Izinkanlah aku menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya tertaut pada-Mu,
Jadikanlah aku yang mencintainya kerana agama yang ada padanya,
Jika dia hilangkan agama yang ada dalam dirinya,
Maka hilanglah cintaku padanya,
Sesungguhnya, cinta yang suci itu tidak buta.

Ya Allah,
Dan jika dia mencintai aku,
Biarkanlah dia mencintai aku kerana agama itu juga,
Asalkan dia tidak lebihkan cinta kepadaku melebihi cinta kepadaMu,
Supaya cinta itu bersemi di lembayung keredhaan-Mu,
Kerna dari situ lahirlah rahmah dan mawaddah dalam rumahtangga.

Ya Allah,
Jika ini bukan masanya,
Jika ini belum saatnya,
Dan jika Kau tahu kami belum bersedia,
Selamatkan kami,
Jarakkan kami,
Pisahkan kami,
Agar kami jauh dari khilaf yang merosak izzah dan iffah,
Agar kami tak mengundang murka-MU,
Agar kami dapat lebih menjaga hati,
Agar hati menjadi yang diredhai ilahi.

Ya Allah,
Andai dia bukan untuk ku,
Andai dia bukan jodohku,
Maka berilah ganti yang lebih baik buatnya,
Berikanlah dia insan yang benar benar terbaik buat kehidupannya,
Insan yang benar-benar mampu memimpinnya ke syurga-Mu,
Dan bantulah aku untuk memperbaiki diriku,
Agar aku kukuh dalam mencari cinta-Mu.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sis I love you!

The moment when you think you want to quit , you have to rewind yourself back on how you are. Well you just arrived at one destination , you are new to that place , fresh and didn't know anything.Back to basic which means you are zero .

But now you are nearly ending , the hundreds meters you ran are nearly finish . You are gasping so hard , breathing for air but at the same time you are running and keep running because you want to REACH for it . At those moment you are 50/50 . You are thinking . Are you going to win? or Are you going to lose?

With those fatigues , weariness and also difficult mind to think wouldn't You cut the crap and just run! till the end. Cause you know you will be finish the race and the wining or losing isn't matter anyway.

So dear , please think all these thing that you are nearly finish . You will be going home sooner or later . We all cares and support you . We know you are so strong ,well Ghazi'ians are strong and tuff! so you are! We are proud of you! So keep on hanging there and run till the finish line!

Insyallah soon you will get those rewards from your own effort.

p/s: just a lil gift for you , see this video if you want to play your guitar. Learn some new chords , when you come home boleh la poyo ngn aku. Tcre kak! loves