Saturday, August 23, 2014

23rd is the day as i expected

its been a while, i didn't write anything in my blog.
so here it goes.

23rd is not the ideal date for my 'imaginary wedding' never
23rd is not the ideal date i want to have my nice waffle day
no its not

thrice its happen and its 23rd.
(im sorry aten its always bad in ur birthday)

this is the same date when i said i want to run away to study abroad 2 years ago
and its the same date when i said i want to work far away from everyone that i know.
i will

im used to it, being independent

Its always like this, I run away, thts whats the best that i can do.
I will run away again and again so i wont get hurt.

to the person who used to share the same happiness with me
im glad Allah let us meet. I hope you can learn the good and also the bad side of me.
I hope its not something you want to forget, because i know i wont forget it
Its bitter-sweet memories that I always treasure.

Im starting new,
10 things that i want to achieve:

1) get my master degree
2) get a good career research career(stay long for the experience)
3) always be energetic give back to society
4) get a group of sisters that want to learn more about religion and faith
5) when im good in fixing myself, its time for me to continue phd (tertiary education second while agama num 1) (sick of diri sndiri yang pentingkan tertiary education rather than akhirat one)
6) my phd will be in malaysia. (i dont want to be far away from mama papa again)
5) teach for malaysia ( i want to be a teacher to inspire kids)
6) travel more especially south asian, and this time will be indonesia
7) give back to mama n papa (sorry list kat bawah but u guys are always my num 1)
8) simpan duit and do something with it, need to ask aliah bout money management
9) i want to open up kids cooking class, i need to start small (maybe post in facebook or something) idkyt
10) its time for me to be a new me.

deep down inside this is a motivation down under my sorrow.
i feel awful because deep inside it doesnt have to end this way , but it did.
forgive me , always forgive me.

to the person who knew me very well

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