Monday, November 21, 2011

Zurich Nightlife

There is one guy from the Swiss TV "SRF" is very friendly to me and as usual , I am the tourist in Zurich. So he ask lot of question about what I have been doing here in Zurich. He also suggest me some of Zurich attraction place. He was kind enough to offer me to have a hiking trip again when there is snow. But in my mind "don't let him so serious about this , hiking trip again??"
It is not that I don't like hiking , I do LOVED it ! Especially when we reach up in the Swiss Alps , no words can described how beautiful it was. Subhanallah!
But again when I am thinking how long does it take to be walking up in the hill , in the meadow and how steep it was ??And the fact that I need four days to fully recover my legs! ahhh ... I would like to re- consider his invitation though.

But later one he tells that , ZURICH is most popular for its nightlife. And again he ask me have you been one of Zurich club?

and i was like errr............ ( there was a silence moment )

I was smiling to him like I didn't say yes or no.
Oh yeah , I really know the fact that Zurich is famous for its nightclub and pub. Haaha .
But frankly to tell the truth , my nightlife are not like theirs.
Hahaa I rather having a cozy sleep in the bed or having hot chocolate at the coffee shop.
I choose quiet and peace rather than some techno music banging in the head. No offence techno lovers , we are all have different kind of taste and that is why we are so unique for the way we are.

One thing that I know about Zurich it is so beautiful when the nights come.

From the right : Grossmunster churche , St.Peter Kirche and also Fraumunster.

p/s: when my mum ask me how am i doing . Will i be thin when i go back home , and i only answer her MUM , mostly I eat CHEESE. so sila lah lihat pipi saya.

Monday, November 14, 2011

You are not eligible yet!

The reason of this post because its just a reminder to myself that i am not eligible YET to be married.

Cammano nak kahwin ah ?? One incident that make me think y it is :

1) There are few attempt to cook rice without 'rice cooker' because with rice cooker dah pass! and yes in Zurich I dont think they used rice cooker. All they eat are pasta and bread.
Yesterday I boiled the rice and unfortunately die x masak!!!! I don't know why? so this is my failure moment. It seems like dah masak but in the end when i want to have my dinner , It is uncooked!


So today I continue on my cooking failure. I try to make bubur with nasi semalam .
I thought i am genius when i just leave the uncooked rice with a lot of water in it . Guess what? Hangit!!

At this moment i said to myself " stop dreaming Ika !"

2) The second thing that I went for groceries shopping to buy some veges and other stuff .So Fatma company me and we both go to Migros. When we both look at Kobis , we dont know which one to take: the big one or the small one. I take the small one - sbb nak murah and no it is not. Its damm expensive . A kobis for likely RM 10 ?? Can you imagine? And when i come home , I prepare all tHE stuff to cook and that time just I realized the SMALL kobis which is EXPENSIVE belum masak lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found it is very hilarious because both of us are not ELIGIBLE TO GET MARRIED YET!

p/s: In the end ika makan nasi bubur dengan sayur kobis masak lemak santan and sambal ikan bilis 3 in 1 Brahim. haha such a loser but syukur tidak pernah lapar di sini.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Childhood memories

I could listen to this song over and over !
and singing it in the shower!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not a fixer to be

Recently I try to mend something but I have to accept the fact that I am not a fixer.
I try to mend something that is precious , gifted and something took about 8 years of our sweet childhood & youthful lives.
The result of the fixing things ??
Sigh , no answer.
I just make it more worst.
The least I can do is to sit quietly and not messing with anyone.
I can't save everything that I want.
Maybe that is how life turned out to be.