Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bajet gler

I've got sms from es , pelik jer sms die nak tanye sumthing
then tanye la y?

rupe2 nyer die notice tht i kuar kosmo ari ni..

siyes gelabah kan minah ni


nak tau lebih lnjut but the artikel
ni url nyer ..


Monday, April 26, 2010

gelabah dol minah ni .

hati kini dah terisi :)

mesti semua kate aku gelabah kan ..
tpi peduli ape aku ..
nak post , post je la.


p/s: (hush)
The best thing about me is you :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A bad 'A**' Friends

A bad 'A**' friends

Life is not thrilled for us until we meet bad 'A**' friends ! so shall i made a list of criteria for them?? huhuhu :)

The criteria for the award "Bad 'A**' Friends are :

1) when it comes to homework or notes , they are the first one who will be smiling and grinning to us for copying work ! ( pemalas nye org)

2) they are the one who always take advantages of a person who is weak. who can't said NO and always obey orders from them. ( suke pijak kepala la)

3) A friend who never ever and EVER! remember what did we do for them! makan kenyang lepas tuh lupAAA!

4) A friend who never said SORRY as if they never do any wrong. (muke x bersalah ..)

5)A friend who never take care of our feelings .. i mean NEVER!!!!!!! ( nak kite je jage feel die )( kitenyer?? x kesah)

6) A friend who never value the sense of friendship and didn't care of anything problem rising. ( egonye terlampau smpi x heran kat kwn hampeh ..)

the list will be go on and on but it would never be enough ..

However , a bad 'A**' friends are important in our life as we will meet a true friendship after going through them first..

thus you may all say thanks to them and also
cuz they are all my last memory that ain't going to be back !

p/s: this post is not related to anyone but it is just my own personal thought of life...

another p/s: lately I've been very busy posting blog pun dah jarang..( gomenasai) huhuhu btw miss home badly.:(

fara , as n ika.
luv them :)