Saturday, December 25, 2010

the most awesome part

Love this episode..of HIMYM!

p/s: i can't be as though as barney , the day he knows the truth bout his dad.
thats y he is so lagen...dary!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i wish it snow here :)

whats been going on in december :

i have joined MUFORS road reels video competition ..n in just a week
me n my teamates have completed the short video n it turned out
it is my first animation project ..stop motion
hope the best for it

happy birthday to me ... cuz its december already .. im am sweet 20
had a great bday day , instead of cake i've got cheese burger n also kopi jantan from my lil bro , a whole chunk of chocolate ,a pullover , bag from my mum hahah , purple rayban spec , and also money from my big bro haahaa which turn out tht's the only way for him to get rid off me ..
(cuz ive been like messing with him whole day to make him wishing me )
and yes i didnt get the wishes ..darn
i've got gulai kari telur tembakul from my granny
and also a notebook from tok abah keep all the cooking recipes from maktok
and lastly .. short skirt from my sis i love u!!

yey i've got my driving license :) after third attempt!alhamdulillah
or not i will be sent to sg.petani for sekolah memandu khas which is " sekolah memandu lembam"

im in taiping n i had a great time with my grandparents..
i choose to stay a lil bit longer cuz i know it will make them happy
beside i need the 'cooking lesson from maktok"

so with maktok n tok abah , there is no choice rather than wake up early
just to teman them for early morning at pasar.
how early it is when it is only 7.30 am only to buy kuih :)

in taiping , its no surprise they all wake up tht early just to buy groceries!
if were in kl , i think the most early ppl wake up in sunday morning is 10.00pm ..
lol..itupun kinda early sgt tuh ..

in taiping
i fell in love with the place everytime i went back ..
the place

always raining
and greeny
just the way i loved ..

and i wish one day ..when i old .
i will be settling in here ..taiping...

p/s: in this month also ..i just know telur tembakul x wujud :( its just a folk tales
it is only normal telur ikan .

100 cucu would do , when im old enuff .. lol

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

blogging would help :(

I cannot sleep ,
I am wrong even though i always tot i was so right ..
apologizing is not the best things to do
but there are no other options.
other than saying those lame words of sorry

sorry , sorry , sorry ..

how lame it is

keep on apologizing , can't reverse back.

keep thinking

think , think , think

how dumb i am

how selfish i am


it shows


i am begging for sorry. :(

p/s: you are not always right because this time you are wrong my dear ieka.

Monday, December 6, 2010

How creative my brother is it.

Family is the most important things in my life and they are the one who will never failed to make me smile everyday . They also the reason why I've been called gemuk. I don't know how to describe my self but i am not so THIN yet i am not so FAT but to them I am the most FATTER person in the family. Like i should be in the biggest loser asia . Lol

Thou should i be called in the name of gemuk. Haih ! and it was my only evil brother's idea.Abang boy ,and later on he called me Beruang .He is my elder brother and he always have an idea just to be the most annoying brother in my life.

(everytime in skype he will do a roaring sound and put a bear emoticon!!!!)

one morning as usual sudah cuti sem , i will wake up a lil bit late . And i heard he screaming as loud as he can to wake me up. He spray water to my face ..yet i didn't moved a bit. He annoyed, fifteen minutes more he shout at my mum " Ma , gemuk ni tidor sekali dengan tin biskut."

My mum come to me n they both laugh at me ??? mcm betul la I tidor dengan tin biskut. I woke up immediately and i see all over my bed have lot of packs of biscuit and i was hugging boxes of ice lemon tea !


I didn't even realized how he had time to put all those food while i was sleeping and surely enough he succeed in making me wake up from my bed !

Even i was mad at him , i just admired his creativity .

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homie Guy

Last night i just saw one great movie "Easy A" and i cant stop grinning just because of this one guy "Penn Bradley" .Owh heaven !
He's such a manly guy n i did wait till the end of the credits just to know his name . Sebab saya x tengok gossip girl hehehhe , and i cant figure out his name .
after that i search him on the google n bertambah la lagi OH MY GOD! he's such a MANLY MAN! I mean like all of his facial hair that makes him very manly and rugged type of guy ..haha its been always my type of a guy..

another specimen or exhibit that i can recall beside Penn Bradley is Mark Ruffalo
haa! he is another type rugged man that i Loved . I saw him once in "Just like Heaven " starring with Reese Witherspoon. He is such a Homie guy that everyone wants! Another movies that makes him such a lovable man in "13 going 30" aaaa so sweet .. he's offering candies sort like m&m to Jennifer Garner. Sweet!

p/s: can i put my hands up slowly and say I want them both ! heeee :)

from taiping with love

dah lima hari duduk kampung ,
dengan takde internet connection
rase mcm kebas jee kepala otak
x buat ape-ape
hari ni barulah dapat internet
tpi same jer kebas jugak kepala otak heee
tgk lappy jer ..
baru 3 jam dah boring

nasib baik mak tok panggil

mai sini dok blajaq masak ngn mak tok ..

aku pun ape lagi
menjadi student culinary maktok yang pertama ! hehehe

iekaaa hang kacau ni haa mcm ni ..
jgn biaq dia berkumpol .. bagi sayuq ni jauh2..baru la cepat masak ..

aku pon buat la mcm ape yg maktok suruh ..
mase aku tgh kacau tuh tibe2
aku terpikir
memasak ni sama jer mcm buat production ..

sama ..betul mmg same ..

sebelum nak masak
macam biasa la kite kene sediakan barang2 dulu
tumbuk bawang chili api ikan bilis pakai batu lesung ..
lepas tuh potong sayur ..
sediakan minyak sos oyster dan jugak garam
lepas dah sediakan bahan-bahannya
sama mcm buat production
kita sediakan props seblum shooting ..sama kan ..

lepas tuh ..barulah

action time
kita memasak ..
keluarkan kuali
bukak api
taruk minyak
n terus kita tumis ..
masa ni la yang pling penting
time memasak ni
kene pandai laa rase ape yang x cukup ..

sama jugak dgn masa

kita keluarkan kamera
bukak tripod
setting baik2 punya
tgk location mane nak pakai ..
sediakan talent ..semua ..
n terus shoot!

akhir sekali
lepas tutup api
kita hidang dengan pinggan yang menawan
dan disantap bersama family ..
sama la jugak dengan production
kita santap video yang telah kita hasilkan tadi bersama family kita
kan same tuh ..
heeee ..


mmg la bende yang berbeza tpi situasinya hampir sama ..
jadi aku perlu la menambah minat
terhadap memasak ni ..
sbb die nak sama jer dengan kita buat production

From now on , ieka akan cuba untuk menambah minat di dalam memasak!
lagi2 masak lauk2 kampung ..
lainlah aku kawin ngn mat saleh ..
barulah kene blaja masak
fortellini ,fetucinni ..aiks ni macm mamat italiano

hehehehe ..anyway guys
this is my another project with my frens
siapkan dalam masa seminggu cuz mmg x cukup masa
n i owe you guys one
aliah , huda n cicit! thnxx for making this idea to become real ..
loved you guys ..hope nnty kite boleh wat stop motion lagi !!
anyway tis is just amatur stop motion ..